Women Demand Equal Rights to Be Objectified!

ashley grahamBIG NEWS!!!  Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated has made HIS-Story for us ladies!!!!!!!!  Now you sexy “fat” girls are allowed your very own crimson carpet entrance into the marketing industry of most “FUCKABLE” and no matter the real target audience for your PHat asses, you can feel “REPRESENTED” and loosen up on buying those slimy diet shakes!  Someone tell Oprah!

And say hey, Grandma’s panties are now en vogue because they don’t just gotta be plain-jane hip-hugging whities.  You might be a top-heavy girl and understand the torture of an underwire bra that the designers charge too much for because you are a captive audience, but now you too can model like you don’t need the extra support and just go top-less.  Let ’em swing low and wobble to and fro and maybe you’ll end up being photographed in Murdoch’s corporate take-over of National Geographic or some perv will get famous for painting your dime-a-dozen and pretend he’s got something better going for him than Van Gogh.  You gettin’ paid… so boob implants look like your future gonna stay pretty as a Dollhouse.

plus size underpants models

For the record, the girl power academy does not consider these women fat.  GPA does not believe in slut shaming.  GPA does believe the beauty industry is predatory and all for maintaining the patriarchal status quo and that “conditioned” or “brainwashed” women are buying into and perpetuating it.


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