Diana Gameros is a (Girl Power Academy) featured Musician recommendation:

about diana

Diana Gameros (singer, song writer, musician)

Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Diana Gameros is a singer, songwriter, and music instructor. Now living In the Bay Area, Diana has played with many local favorites, including the San Francisco Symphony, The Oakland East Bay Symphony, The Magik*Magik ensemble and has opened concerts for Bebel Gilberto, Latin Grammy winners La Santa Cecilia, Natalia Lafourcade, Gaby Moreno and many others. In 2013 she released her first album Eterno Retorno, a soulful retrospective of her journey as an immigrant. Diana received the Emerging Leader Award from the Chicana/Latina Foundation in 2014 for her work in music and social justice activism. Her songs and story have been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered and Weekend Edition, Public Radio International – The World and the PBS Newshour website. This year, Diana is releasing Arrullo, a new album of traditional Mexican songs that she arranged and directed to pay homage to her Mexican heritage.

Gameros was born to a musical family where she was surrounded by traditional Mexican songs of love and revolution. The first of her family to receive formal music lessons, Gameros left Mexico as a teenager to study piano and recording technology in Michigan. 

Even as she continues her musical journey, Gameros inspires her community as an activist promoting social justice and global awareness  through her support to organizations like ALIADI (Alianza Latinoamericana por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes), Biosafety Alliance, Urban Sprouts, SF Living Wage Coalition, These Walls Speak, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center and 16 Days of ARTivism.”  

To read the full Bio, see more videos and support the artist go to: www.dianagameros.com


The Diana Gameros “¿Cómo Hacer?” (music video) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.  (Directed by: Ben Fee)

You build a wall – we make a bridge.
You ban an immigrant – we make a flower bouquet, a song
and welcome all humans in.” 

“¿Cómo Hacer?” – a song made up of questions that came out of my need for home, wisdom and forgiveness. Although I know we may not always have the answers to all the questions we ask on our quest for freedom, i truly believe that asking the questions is the first step toward being free.”  (~Diana Gameros)

Original Music & Lyrics by Diana Gameros:
www.dianagameros.com & Translation:

¿cómo hacer que la vida perdure
(que nada ni nadie escasee)?
si nadie es eterno
nada nuestro

¿cómo hacer que el que camina vuele?
¿cómo hacer que las fronteras se evaporen?
y caminar sin prisa al hogar
sin miedo llegar

¿cómo hacer que mi tierra me perdone?
¿cómo hacer para que su jardín ya vuelva a florecer?
y hacerle saber que lejos duele
decirle también que vivo por volver a verle


english translation:

how can we make life last?
(so that nothing and no one is scarce)
if no one is eternal
nothing ours

how can we make the walker fly?
how can we make the borders dissolve?
so he/she can walk home
with no rush
fearless, arrive

how can i make my land forgive me?
how can we make her garden flourish again?
i live to see her again


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