Hurricane Maria Relief Fund with Princess Nokia:

Princess Nokia performing at S.O.B.’s on February 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Please help Princess Nokia help her Mother Country, Puerto Rico.

I am creating this go fund me, to directly provide imminent care and support to the people of Puerto Rico as a gesture of solidarity, and alliance with my mother country. This go fund me will serve as a personal 100% non profit organization that will serve to assist the island and people of Puerto Rico in its dire time of need. Donations to the fund will serve to assist Puerto Rico over the next few months. Donations to this fund will serve to cover costs of

  • Clean Water in mass bulk
  • Transferable & alternative fuel and gasoline
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Coverage
  • Non perishable food
  • Charitable on site meals
  • Spiritual and emotional trauma counseling
  • Cargo plane expenses
  • Cost of air fare

When entry way to Puerto Rico becomes more accessible again, I will be organizing a relief trip with a trusted group of disaster relief organizers, construction volunteers, & medical and spiritual practitioners. We are hoping to bring direct contact and support to the island and it citizens over the next few months.


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