Michael Archie and WorkForce Comics is a (Girl Power Academy)recommendation:

WorkForce Comics artist Michael Archie

No matter what happens in life, I always find myself coming back to Michael Archie‘s WorkForce Comics.  I cannot resist the purity of his voice and I LOVE his artwork.  Although I have often misunderstood him and taken him to task, he always manages to bear with my fury, respect my dialogue, encourage my questions and ultimately he enlightens me.  We have come to realize that we do not agree on everything, but that never diminishes the love. It’s beyond “tolerance” at this point.  He is a gentle and kind soul on the planet and a real human being in the “online world” which is a rare treasure indeed.  Altho his satire can be raw at times, he breaks down ego, challenges the status quo, and pokes us all where. . . sometimes the truth hurts while remaining a true blue friend.  Ya’ll can and SHOULD send him sum luv and check out/or purchase his WorkForce Comics, Perfect Man graphic designs, T-shirts, Character mugs, and relax into his Music inspirations here:


**note: D. R. Legry is a fan of Michael Archie’s WorkForce Comics from way back when YOUR I-phone only cost $600.00!!! And he is K.J. Legry’s beloved brother!
WorkForce vol. 5 by Michael Archie is available NOW!
“Revolutionary Spirit” 22 x 18 colored pencil (jan 5 2014) by Michael Archie
“Circle of Sistas Book Club” logo by Michael Archie
“Cosmic Chillin” Colored Pencil, 24 x 18 (feb 1, 2014) by Michael Archie

And last but not least, please enjoy some of my favorite Music Inspirations shared most generously by Mykel :

The Blackstreet “Don’t Leave Me” (music video) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

The Dexter Wansel “Life On Mars” (music audio) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

“Stop Police Terror” (nov 15 2010) illustrated by Michael Archie

The Ab-Soul “Terrorist Threats” featuring Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko (Music Video) is being featured here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Music Millennium LOVES WorkForce Comics! Live in Portland? Need to buy local? No worries!
WorkForce Comics at Music Millennium (photo of Jack, cashier) 
K.J. Legry fan endorsement of Workforce Comics

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