About GPA

Welcome to the Girl Power Academy!

Girl Power Academy "doorway to classroom" (illustration by K. J. Legry) excerpt from Girl Soda Atlas
Girl Power Academy “doorway to classroom” (illustration by K. J. Legry) excerpt from Girl Soda Atlas

Although this is a pro-choice, LGBTQ allied, feminist blog, we are no relation to the online fictional GPA “lesbian boarding school” story that has a few similar Japanese personas…

This Girl Power Academy is NOT a fantasy blog. Although, we do feature some fiction and poetry!

Our mission is to empower and inspire girls and women through knowledge.  Boys and men are also welcome as we are NOT a “pink vs. blue” league of women voters.  Non-binary thinkers will do best here.

Your comments and questions for the GPA are appreciated and will be considered.  

Special thanks to the many friends, teachers, healers, and contributors who allowed their work to be featured and to WordPress for the free-blog space.

The fictional Girl Soda Atlas is an illustrated (revised and expanded edition) on-line book (with monthly chapter installments) by Girl Power Academy artist K. J. Legry.

Visitthe Gratitude Journal of a Music Warlordby K. J. Legry a.k.a Tabby Ren Elle. (Heads up on some Explicit Lyrics and Images Warnings.)

We aim to be an “alternative” and NOT a “traditional” Girl Power Academy.

So hey!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “About GPA

  1. I am holding my 5th Annual International Women’s Day event at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago and would love for a Chicago-based GPA connection to speak at our event on March 3, 6-9PM. Is there anyone who might be available. Our theme this year is activism. It would be an honor to have someone speak. There will be 4-5 other panelists, an audience of mainly HS students, and brief Q/A. Please contact me: Lorin Pritikin, lpritikin@fwparker.org for more info.

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