Jay Macpherson (selected poem: “The Natural Mother”) Video-Musical Suite Title: “Lullaby my God and all”

Tamboura and Tabla
“Tamboura and Tabla” illustration by K.J. Legry (from Girl Soda Atlas, first edition) Raga Lesson: The only Constant is Change. Theme: Constant Companions (Universal Drone and Beat)

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Featured Poem: “The Natural Mother” from the book Poems Twice Told the Boatman & Welcoming Disaster

Jay Macpherson (poems twice told) the boatman and welcoming disaster

The Natural Mother

All the soft moon bends over,

All circled in her arm,

All that her blue folds cover,

Sleeps shadowed, safe and warm.


Then lullaby King David’s town,

The shepherds in the snow,

Rough instruments, uneasy crown,

And cock about to crow,


And lullaby the wakeful bird

That mourns upon the height,

The ancient heads with visions stirred,

The glimmering new light;


Long rest to purple and to pall,

The watchers on the towered wall,

The dreamland tree, the waterfall:

Lullaby my God and all.

jay macpherson poet teacher

Video Musical Suite for “Lullaby my God and All”:

Green Assassin Dollar – Ahead 頭上

Bikini kill – Rebel Girl

KAALI MAA KA TANDAV (excerpt of theatrical film)

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