Miss Eaves is a (Girl Power Academy)featured Rapper, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Creative, Black Girl Magic recommendation:

Miss Eaves is the feminist sound storm of Brooklyn based multimedia artist Shanthony Exum. Her fierce femcee electro-pop-rap-dance-explosions were born as a phoenix arisen from the hot fire of both a band and romantic break-up, and she has since spread her wings and played music around the world. Miss Eaves’ brazen, patriarchy push-back, it’s my body, take-no-shit lyrics are rabid animals of honesty. “Hand down my pants I flick the bean. My boo ghost but I don’t need him. Five digits gonna make me squirm and scream. This is all on me.” She says in “Hump Day,” which was was featured on Glamour, Huffington Post and Refinery 29. Her 0 fucks attitude landed her an invitation for a European tour with collaborator and friend, Surfing Leons (Belgium) as well as a tour with Wheatus and MC Frontalot. She has also killed the stage at Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld and Dour and Les Rockomotive.

Not only a beat slayer, Miss Eaves is a paper mache addict and a bad-ass with a glue gun. A true multi-media junkie, she directs and art directs all her videos plus designs her own merchandise. Drawing inspiration from Frida Khalo, Michel Gondry, MIA, Santigold and Sia she is determined to show the world she is about that DIY life. MC Frontalot once told her: “You aren’t crafty…this is too well-made to be just crafty. You are a fabricator.” And trust, she will take you on a rollercoaster through her imagination.

Miss Eaves’ latest, Feminasty, out on August 4, 2017, was a year-long labor of love produced by longtime collaborator KEISHH and recorded during a winter in Montreal, Canada, which is nasty cold. Feminasty plays on term Femi-Nazi and Janet Jackson’s line, “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.” It’s funny-as-fuck cutting commentary will melt your brain into a nasty pile of feminism. “All these little fuck boys All these little fuck boys. Dudes on my clit yeah, I’ve had enough boys.” This is how Miss Eaves rolls. (For more about Miss Eaves or to view the original Bio click on: MissEaves )

The Miss Eaves “Hump Day” (music video) produced by KEISHH is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Miss Eaves “Hump Day” LYRICS:

Hand down my pants I flick the bean
My boo ghost but I don’t need him
Five digits gonna make me squirm and scream
This is all on me

All I need, My hand pressed
Move to the rhythm of my slow breaths
I know best. I know better
I’m killing this, a real go-getter so…

I can lean on me…
Or an arm of a love seat…
Bump to my own beat

Like to ride. As I slide
My hand over then go inside
I roll deep. As I keep…
The beat up that satisfies me

Take Five
Slip and Slide
All I need to go
Is one hand inside

Hand down my pants I beat the meat
Take some time and know bout me
My game strong, ex dude was weak
No bone: this is my treat

On my feet. In the shower. Wet
Spigot drip drips. I’m on edge
Little kitty purrs and mama pets
Ima pet her every time she begs

Sooo…I’m gonna take my time
Ima go go ‘til I get mine
Rub a dub dub in the tub
My legs up. Don’t give a fuck

Pressing my button. I feel my loving
Pressing button. I feel this rubbing
Engine go go. I’m on the floor
I go go ’til I explode


On the edge I’m ready
Fingers dip dip breathe heavy
On the edge I’m ready
Gonna drip drip bursting levee

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Produced by KEISHH Mixed by Velos,
Video Crew:
Directors: Shanthony Exum (@yoeaves) & April Maxey (@amaxey422)
Producer: Shanthony Exum
Production Company: 422Luxe (http://www.422luxe.com)
Director of Photography: Meg Skaff (@uncle_meg)
Editors: Meg Skaff and April Maxey
Art Director: Mary Lena Colston (@mary_lena_colston)
Makeup: Clara Rae (@Clara_rae)
Nails: Claire Beaudreault (@ManiClaire)
Production Assistant: Nathan Fennell (@nathanf_dolla)

Video Cast Cast (in order of appearance)
Carrie Griffin
Sara Katherine
Claire (@ClaraBiznass)
Mary Kate Kruhm
Alexandra Miller
Kirby Cernosek
Rossanna Mercedes
Ghazal (@ghazal_rahman)
Karen Sepulveda

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