Michael Archie is a (Girl Power Academy) Comic Book Artist-Writer featured recommendation:

a Girl Power Academy is honored to feature the Volume 5 issue of WorkForce Comics!

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The Busta Rhymes “Everything Remains Raw” (Music audio) is being posted here for MUSIC INSPIRATION and for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.  (Special Thanks to Mykel Archie for always sharing the music.)

Busta Rhymes “Everything Remains Raw” LYRICS:
Word up, let me just fuck with your mind, please
Hey! hey yo yo yo, yo! Let me fuck up your mind
On time, showing, you the, rhythm
As I get wreck and get raw
Yeah I be the man, coming off, that be raw
It’s busta rhymes giving you much more
Yo y’all (y’all) one more time I come
Knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb
Yo (yo), I burn your food like florence
Run up in your crib like my name was search warrants
Shut your mouth nigga don’t you complain
Fix you up, mix you with cut like pro-caines
Ooh! Insane to your brain
Right on your subconscious, I leave my shit stain
I be the mostest with rhyme overdoses
Hot stepping over shit like ini kamoze’s
Sick lyrics like multiple sclerosis
Focus, while I display flows ferocious
Weak niggaz just fall and keep tumbling
Distribute lyrics like I’m hand to hand herb hustling
Hardcore like quick draw mcgraw
Fuck what you heard you ain’t heard this before
I make sure everything remains raw
Yo, when I step in the place I leave damages
Nuff bandages on pussy from miscarriages
Yo, watch me bring the newest recipe
Fuck you up quick and condemn you all with leprosy
Let me hit you with flows, that come various
Hahh, send you home and make you lie bout your alias
Ha-ha, niggaz can’t see my routine
When I round up my flipmode niggaz and get cream
Hey, you! You know what the fuck I mean
Now I’m on the scene, stepping through like mean joe green
Now I’m making you feel the extreme
Till I black you out then turn on my real high beam
Oh shit, now I got your brains fried
Once you inhale smoke from my flow, carbon monoxide!
Use your imagination, let me take you higher
Rain hail snow earthquakes, earth wind & fire
Yo, hit the dirt, get on the floor
I’m that outlaw nigga living right next door
You should just roll out the red carpet
All movin targets, I got you open like supermarkets
(Word up, word up) yo yo, there’s only five years left
While niggaz is scared to death they breathe they last breath
Days of my life goes on, word is bond
I make you feel my proton, neutron, and electron
Yo, I be the number one icon
Word to the holy qu’ran, I rock on and on
On and on, hey, on and on and on
You won’t understand when I form voltron
Hahahaha, everything remains raw
I make sure everything remains raw
Songwriters: Harvey Osten / Trevor Smith
Everything Remains Raw lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

a Girl Power Academy Dance series recommendation and Why You All Should Dance:

“Cleaning Out My Closet” (Dance Mix Cassettes) photo by K. J. Legry

I recently met a man who could not, would not 

shake my hand for fear of touching my skin, and the way it would make his wife feel; 

he said, 

he was naturally aroused, which wasn’t cool.
Respectfully, he insisted 
he’d teach his male fellowship
how not to dance.

The A Guy Called Gerald featuring Ashley Beedle “Humanity” (Love and Compassion remix) Music Video by Isidoro “bender” Rodriguez is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

A Guy Called Gerald “Humanity” (original) LYRICS:
These days I find
I’m wasting my time
On all the little things
That shouldn’t concern me
Weighing my heart
With such confused emotion
Letting anxiousness in
Where peace should prevail
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better of me
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better, getting the better of me
I’ve been working on it
Just trying and working on it
Knowing the soul to be lighter
If I could just shed this weight
Or just carry this weight
Without objection
So weight become lightness
And light becomes weightless
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better of me
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better, getting the better of me
I’m lifting
The lid off
Holding my head up
And clarity
Where once there was proud
I know this place
And smile inside
Ooooh it’s just my humanity
Getting the better of me
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better, getting the better of me
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better, getting the better of me
Getting the better, getting the better (getting the better), getting the better of me
It’s just my humanity
Getting the better, getting the better of me
Songwriters: Gerald Simpson / Louise Ann Rhodes
Humanity lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC

The Dancing Cry Of The Soul
Love is the dancing cry of the soul, calling the body to worship
Like a shining whirlpool, or a spinning mayfly
So is love among the skies.I leap across the mountaintops, madly singing the song of all songs
I float through the ether, intoxicated, thrilled
I think only of your love, your calling to me
And I dance the thousand dances of love, all returning to you.It is not the play of children, nor the detached unity of wise sages
Unreal! Unnecessary!
Where is the beauty?When I, like a glowing comet, may flash around your sun
Laughing, singing, with the joy of loving you!Wine makes drunk the mind and body
But it is love which thrills the soul
When I approach you, I feel the mad pounding of love
The singing wonder
The joy which opens blossoms on the trees of the world.Come to me, and I shall dance with you
In the temples, on the beaches, through the crowded streets
Be you man or woman, plant or animal, slave or free
I shall show you the brilliant crystal fires, shining within
I shall show you the beauty deep within your soul
I shall show the path beyond Heaven.Only dance, and your illusions will blow in the wind
Dance, and make joyous the love around you
Dance, and your veils which hide the Light
Shall swirl in a heap at your feet.


The Stefflon Don – 16 Shots – Choreography by Tricia Miranda Filmed by Tim Milgram @ the T.Milly TV Masterclass Series Dancers: Taylor Thomas, Kaycee Rice, Will Simmons, Gabe DeGuzman, Sean Lew, Jay Hancock, & Josh Price is being posted here for the phenomenal Dance (a Girl Power Academy LOVES Kaycee Rice a.k.a. Truth Grrrrl) and for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Watch more groups: https://youtu.be/9HGLWeWbckw


The Thievery Corporation (full audio album) “Radio Retaliation”
is being posted here for the infinite love of Rob Garza and for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.
Sound The Alarm 0:00;
Mandala 3:40;
Radio Retaliation 7:41;
Vampires 11:08;
Hare Krishna 16:06;
El Pueblo Unido 19:41;
(The Forgotten People) 23:10;
33 Degree 26:21;
Beautiful Drug 30:09;
La Femme Parallel 33:36;
Retaliation Suite 38:06;
The Numbers Game 40:59;
The Shining Path 44:03;
Blasting Through the City 47:41;
Sweet Tides 51:15

“A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.” ~Emma Goldman, Preacher of Anarchy

The above album by Thievery Corporation “Radio Retaliation” is being posted here for NO Commercial Purposes.

Gnawa Music of Marrakesh is a (Girl Power Academy) “Happy New Year” featured recommendation:

I was blessed to have sum hand drummers in my early life that exposed me to Gnawa and the music of Marrakesh (the capitol of Morocco). Although Morocco is not known for it’s equal rights for or humane treatment of women, the women are the strongest among them.  Love and Gratitude to D. Goodman, Moona El B. & Bebo.  Happy New Year to One and All!    


The Gnawa Music of Marrakesh (full album) audio music is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Album: Night Spirit Masters. Performed by Mustapha Baqbou, Said Oughassal, Brahim El Belkani, Abdelqader Oughassal, Said Fafy and company. Recorded by Billy Youdelman in the Medina of Marrakesh, 1990. Song: Mohammed Rasoul Allal. Album: Global Celebration: Dancing with the Gods. Performed by the Halima Chedli Ensemble. Recorded by Randall Barnwell in Dar El Basha, Marrakesh, 1995. Photos by: http://www.felicewillatphotography.com/

Gnawa music (Ar. غْناوة or كْناوة) is a north african repertoire of ancient African spiritual religious songs and rhythms. Its well-preserved heritage combines ritual poetry with traditional music and dancing. The music is performed at lila, entire communal nights of celebration dedicated to prayer and healing guided by the Gnawa maalem, or master musician, and their group of musicians and dancers.

The word “Gnawa”, plural of “Gnawi”, is taken to be derived from the Hausa-Fulani demonym “Kanawa” for the residents of Kano, the capital of the Hausa-Fulani Emirate.  The Moroccan language often replaces “K” with “G”, which is how the Kanawa, or Hausa people, were called Gnawa in Morocco.

In a Gnawa song, one phrase or a few lines are repeated over and over, so the song may last a long time. In fact, a song may last several hours non-stop. However, what seems to the uninitiated to be one long song is actually a series of chants, to do with describing the various spirits (in Arabic mlouk (sing. melk), so what seems to be a 20-minute piece may be a whole series of pieces – a suite for Sidi Moussa, Sidi Hamou, Sidi Mimoun or the others. But because they are suited for adepts in a state of trance, they go on and on, and have the effect of provoking trance from different angles.

The melodic language of the stringed instrument is closely related to their vocal music and to their speech patterns. It is a language that emphasizes on the tonic and fifth, with quavering pitch-play, especially pitch-flattening, around the third, the fifth, and sometimes the seventh. This is the language of the blues.

Bishop Briggs, Galen Hooks, and Tim Milgram are a (Girl Power Academy) featured Music, Dance, and Film recommendation:

Bishop Briggs

Performing has been Bishop Briggs‘ passion since she was 4, when her family relocated from London to Tokyo; her father was an entrepreneur whom she secretly believed was an international spy. She was ruling karaoke lounges before she started kindergarten. “It’s a rite of passage that when you [move to] Japan, you go to a karaoke bar the minute you land,” she says.

Piano lessons and a Tokyo children’s gospel choir helped Briggs learn about harmony. She received vocal coaching as a 10th birthday gift after her family moved again, to Hong Kong. Briggs credits their record collection for connecting her to Western music, as well as having the most influence on her sound, particularly acts like Otis Redding and Janis Joplin. “These singers always sounded as if they were on the edge of tears, or rage,” she says.

When Briggs moved to Los Angeles to study vocal performance at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, she began singing at bars like the now shuttered Room 5 Lounge multiple times a week. Eventually she was discovered at a gig by former Interscope A&R rep George Robertson, who linked her with producers Mark Jackson and Ian Brendon Scott. The bluesy anthem “River” was written at their first session. Briggs sat in her car afterward, listened to the voice memo and began crying, feeling she was finally going to be heard.

(~excerpts by Claire LobenfeldThis article originally appeared in the April 15 Issue of Billboard. )


The Bishop Briggs “River” (music audio) Galen Hooks (dance choreography) Tim Milgram (film) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Dancers: Galen Hooks, Nicole Kirkland, Porcia Hendrix, Jackie Ramos, Lindsay Taylor, Maya Hassin, Melany Centeno, Stevie Doré

Bonus Groups: https://youtu.be/OLtdj-DGM8o

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Bishop Briggs “River” LYRICS:

Like a river, like a river, sh-
Like a river, like a river, sh-
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

How do we fall in love
Harder than a bullet could hit ya?
How do we fall apart
Faster than a hair pin trigger?

Don’t you say, don’t you say it
Don’t say, don’t you say it
One breath, it’ll just break it
So shut your mouth and run me like a river

Shut your mouth, baby stand and deliver
Holy hands, oh they make me a sinner
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Choke this love till the veins start to shiver
One last breath till the tears start to wither
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Tales of an endless heart
Curses is the fool who’s willing
Can’t change the way we are
One kiss away from killing

Don’t you say, don’t you say it
Don’t say, don’t you say it
One breath it’ll just break it
So shut your mouth and run me like a river

Shut your mouth, baby stand and deliver
Holy hands, ooh they make me a sinner
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Choke this love till the veins start to shiver
One last breath till the tears start to wither
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Like a river, like a river, (oh oh oh)
Like a river, like a river, (ooh-oh-oh)
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Hey, oh oh oh
Hey, oh oh oh (like a river)
Hey, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh (like a river)

Like a river

Shut your mouth baby stand and deliver (stand and deliver)(like a river, like a river)
Holy hands, oh they make me a sinner (make me a sinner)(like a river, like a river)
Like a river, like a river (like a river)
Shut your mouth and run me like a river (and run me like a river)

Choke this love till the veins start to shiver (start to shiver)(like a river, like a river)
One last breath till the tears start to wither (oh oh)
Like a river, like a river
Shut your mouth and run me like a river

Written by Ian Brendon Scott, Mark A. Jackson, Sarah Grace Mclaughlin • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Joan Henry is a (Girl Power Academy) featured Earth Song Carrier recommendation:

Joan Henry, Song Carrier

My folks have told me I have been singing my whole life. From the time I was very small, no matter what I was doing or feeling, I sang it out. That’s what they tell me. I can remember jumping up in a first grade classroom and singing out because I saw my mother out in the hallway, looking in. So no matter if I was happy or sad, whatever I was doing I sang it out. I remember hearing songs in the leaves of the trees, and singing along or singing back to them as I hid with my bow waiting to pounce on unsuspecting people below.

My grandmother recognized me right away, and she said I would be a singer. As a teen I remember elders coming and looking for me, as if they were expecting me. They would say: “that one, the little one with the voice”. It seemed like I never really had friends my own age because I was always hanging out with the adults. Folks would sing songs to me, and then ask me to sing them back to them, and that’s how I learned. To me, I was just hanging out with these elders, and it was awhile before I realized they were teaching me all these songs. We just sang together. When I think about it, that’s the heart of oral tradition, because you can’t communicate pitch, tone, sound, timbre, feeling, intention on flat paper.

Through song they were teaching me moments, experiences, an environment that is spherical, vibrational— not static. They were waking up my original memory, the knowledge in my cells of experiencing Mother Earth all around us, of experiencing my relationship with everything that is alive. And make no mistake: everything is alive…

Where I’ve come to is the place of carrying these songs – all songs, no matter where they come from – in a good way, so that they can be sung whenever they are needed. That’s what Kanogisgi or “Song Carrier” means. It also makes you responsible to wherever a song is from and means you have to be available when that song needs to be sung. A lot of elders put a lot of time and energy into me; I have to honor that. So I’d say that I’ve come to a place now of focusing on moving the songs out into the world, and listening for the ones that  are emerging at this time, in order to bring them forth, eh? –because the Songs thread the people together, to one another and to the Earth. Songs make a living web. (~Joan Henry)


The Joan Henry “Alligator Dance” (music dance video documentary) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Joan Henry, at her Blue Deer Center Concert, teaches the Alligator Dance to attendees. The Alligator Dance, as Joan explains, teaches the power of relationship, and is an example of native american call-and-response social dancing.


The Joan Henry “Heart and Mind” (music video documentary) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Ms. Henry is both hahesh’kah (lead drummer) and dekanogisgi (traditional song-carrier), and a Native Women’s Traditional dancer. Encouraged by her elders, she founded acclaimed traditional drum group Mothers of Nations Singers & Dancers (later known as Sky Woman Singers) — the first women’s drum ever invited to the National Native American Veterans Powwow in Washington DC and the first to preside at Indigenous Peoples’ Day Opening Ceremonies for the United Nations — where Ms. Henry has since presented on healing & spirituality among First Nations women and offered opening prayers & song for the International Day of Peace and the World Indigenous Forum. Here she tell a wonderful story about coyote.

Please visit the Girl Power Academy post featuring:

Our Children’s Trust, Environmental Law, and Coyote Songs

Big Freedia is a (Girl Power Academy) featured Queen of Bounce recommendation:

photo: Big Freedia, Just Be Free (album cover)

BIO: Big Freedia, known as the Queen of Bounce, is a New Orleans-based rapper and ambassador of Bounce music. A vibrant twist on hip-hop, Bounce music is characterized by call-and-response lyrics over rapid-fire beats and booty-shaking.

In 2015, Big Freedia penned her first memoir, Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva! on Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster.


The Big Freedia & Diplo & DJ Snake “Drop” (music video) are being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

http://www.bigfreedia.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bigfreedia https://www.twitter.com/bigfreedia https://www.instagram.com/bigfreedia https://www.soundcloud.com/bigfreedia

Copyright (C) 2015 Big Freedia, Diplo, DJ Snake.

Anti-War song recommendations featured by a Girl Power Academy:

photo: Donald Trump with his mentor Roy Cohn.

The reporter from the Washington Post didn’t ask Donald Trump about nuclear weapons, but he wanted to talk about them anyway. “Some people have an ability to negotiate,” Trump said, of facing the Soviet Union. “You either have it or you don’t.”

He wasn’t daunted by the complexity of the topic: “It would take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles,” he said.  

It was the fall of 1984, Trump Tower was new, and this was unusual territory for the 38-year-old real estate developer. He was three years away from his first semi-serious dalliance with presidential politics, more than 30 years before the beginning of his current campaign—but he had gotten the idea to bring this up, he said, from his attorney, his good friend and his closest adviser, Roy Cohn.

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Vern Partlow (May 25, 1910 – March 1, 1987) was an American newspaper reporter and folk singer who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. He composed the popular satirical song “Old Man Atom,” which was famously banned during the period. It is considered one of the first anti-nuclear songs of the post-war era.

The Sons of the Pioneers “Old Man Atom” (music Audio) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

The Sons of the Pioneers “Old Man Atom” (1950) LYRICS:

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Alamogordo, Bikini…

I’m gonna preach you-all a sermon ’bout Old Man Atom, that’s me

I don’t mean the Adam in the Bible datum. I don’t mean the Adam that Mother Eve elated I mean that thing that science liberated. The thing that Einstein says he’s scared of, And when Einstein’s scared, brother, you’d better be scared.

If you’re scared of the atom here’s what’s you gotta do You gotta gather all the people in the world with you ‘Cause if you don’t get together and do it Well, first thing you know I’m gonna blow this world plum two

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Alamogordo, Bikini…

Now life used to be such a simple joy My cyclotron was just a super toy And folks got born, they’d work and marry And “atom” was a word in the dictionary And then it happened! The science boys, from every clime They all pitched in with overtime And before they knew it, the thing was done And they’d hitched up the power of the gol-dern sun And put a harness on Old Sol Splittin’ atoms, while the diplomats was splittin’ hairs

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Alamogordo, Bikini…

But the atom’s here, in spite of hysteria, Flourishes in Utah, as well as Siberia. And whether you’re a black, white, red or brown, The question is this, when you boil it down: To be or not to be! That’s the question! The answer to it all ain’t military datum, Like who gets there firstest with the mostest atoms,” No, the people of the world must decide their fate, They gotta get together or disintegrate. I hold this truth to be self-evident That all men may be cremated equal!

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Alamogordo, Bikini…

Yes, it’s up to the people, ’cause the atoms don’t care, You can’t fence me in, I’m just like air. I don’t give a hoot about any politics Or who got what into whichever fix All I want to do is sit around and have my nucleus bombarded by neutrons. Now the moral is this, just as plain as day, That Old Man Atom is here to stay. I’m gonna stick around, and that’s for true But, ah, my dearly beloved, are you? So listen, folks, here is my thesis: “Peace in the world, or the world in pieces.”


Blaze Foley (Michael David Fuller) was born in Malvern, Arkansas, but grew up in Texas. He performed in a gospel band called The Singing Fuller Family with his mother, brother and sisters. After leaving home, he performed in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Austin, Texas. 

The Blaze Foley “Oval Room” (music Audio) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Blaze Foley “Oval Room” LYRICS:

In his oval room, in his rockin’ chair
He’s the president, but I don’t care
He’s a business man, he got business ties
He got dollar signs in both his eyes
Got a big airplane, take him everywhere
Got his limousine, when he get there
Everywhere he goes, make the people mad
Makes the poor man beg, and the rich man glad

He’s the president, but I don’t care
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

At the factory, never been so slow
Got a big fourth down, ninety nine to go
And down on the farm, nothing growing there
But the debts they owe and their gray hair
In the desert sand, and the jungle deep
He thinks everything is his to keep
He’s a real cowboy, with his makeup on
Talks to kings and queens on the telephone

He’s the president, but I don’t care
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

He’s a movie star, if you stay up late
And he’ll search your car, if you don’t look straight
In his Oval Room, in his rockin’ chair
He’s the president, but I don’t care

He’s the president, but I don’t care
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

He’s the president, but I don’t care
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Written by Michael David Fuller • Copyright © BMG Rights Management US, LLC
William Johnson, known professionally as Holly Johnson, is an English artist, musician and writer, best known as the lead vocalist of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, in the mid-1980s. “Two Tribes” was released in May 1984. The anti-war song featured sirens and the voice of Patrick Allen (who had voiced the British Government’s actual nuclear warning ads.)
The Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Two Tribes” (Music Video) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Two Tribes” LYRICS:
The air attack warning sounds like.
This is the sound.
When you hear the air attack warning, You and your family must take coverLove’s gone, ohWhen two tribes go to war
A point is all that you can score
(Score no more, score no more)
When two tribes go to war
A point is all that you can score
(Working for the black gas)[Repeat: x2]
Cowboy number one
A born again poor man’s son
(Poor man’s son)
On the air America
I modelled shirts for Van Heusen
(Working for the black gas)Switch off your shield
Switch off and feel
Working on loving yeah
Give me back the good times
Ship it out
Enjoy I feel I’m real
Working for the black gasTell the world that you’re winning
Love and life yeahListen to the voice sing follow me ohWhen two tribes go to war
A point is all that you can score
When two tribes go to war
A point is all that you can scoreWe got two tribes
We got the spunk
We got the spunk yeah
Sock it to me biscuits(Spoken: Are we living in a land where sex and
Horror are the new gods yeah?)When two tribes go to war
A point is all that you can score