Thao Nguyen and “the beast within” her

The above PBS News Hour video was Published on Mar 3, 2016
Thao Nguyen offers her Brief But Spectacular take on self-expression and “the beast within.”

Thao Nguyen "going beast"
Thao Nguyen “going beast”

Beyond Making Music

Thao Nguyen moved to San Francisco in 2009, and soon began working with outreach projects including the non-profit organization the California Coalition for Women Prisoners.  In 2013 an album with the Get Down Stay Down, We the Common, followed, the album’s title track dedicated to Valerie Bolden, one of the women she met on her prison visits.

The above video by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down  “The Feeling Kind” (Official Video)

The above (LIVE performance video) is Thao Nguyen and an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.  For track lists, downloadable albums and more music from Thao Nguyen you can visit the NPR Site: artists

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